Dry lubricants

Dry lubricants

A dry drawing lubricant can be based on sodium soap, calcium soap, or a mix. TRAXIT produces lubricants with different fat contents and additives. The lubricants have different plastified areas and softening points, which are important for different drawing applications. The target is to reach hydro-dynamic lubrication.

The lubricant creates a strong and stable lubricant layer (film) that helps to keep the surfaces of the wire and die apart from each other.

The efficiency of a lubricant is based on:

  • Temperature stability
  • Reduction of friction in the die
  • Flowing in the die box
  • Stable grain size while using
  • Absorbtion of some acid from the pickling process
  • Absorbtion of some lime from coating process
  • Low humidity absorption

All our products meet EC Health and Safety Regulations and are backed up with ISO 9001 and OSHAS 18001 certifications.


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