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TRAXIT International GmbH provides the wire drawing industry with a complete range of lubricants to suit all types of wire for all applications. From simple beginnings in 1881 in Schwelm, Germany, TRAXIT International has grown to the largest wire drawing lubricant producer in the world. Operating from its manufacturing bases in Germany, China and USA, our lubricants are sold throughout the world with our own companies, agents or representatives present in over 150 countries.

Boron Free Drawing Lubricants and
Coatings for the wire drawing industry.

On the 21st August 2008 the European Commission adopted the Dangerous Substances Directive 2008/58 EC, (30th ATP). This became law on the 5th October 2008. This Directive obliged all Member States of the European Union to implement into National Legislations such laws and regulations as were necessary to enforce the Directive no later than 1st June 2009. Amongst these provisions it was required that all products manufactured in, or imported into Europe containing more than 6.5% of Borax Pentahydrate READ MORE


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